Items Needed For Your Pre-Approval or Loan Application

Please reference the list below while gathering the documents for your loan application. We strongly encourage you to print this page and use the “check boxes” as you gather your documents and paperwork. Please pay attention to each line and the wording contained within. A missing bank statement page, illegible documents, etc. will hold up the processing of your pre-approval or loan application. If you have questions about anything contained below or if you’re having difficulty locating something, contact the loan officer you are working with. The more thorough we are at the beginning, the less likely it is that we will need to come back and ask you for missing items later, which is great for both of us! Additionally, you can disregard anything on the list that does not pertain to you or your background.


  • Paystubs for each borrower covering the most recent 30 day period.
  • Copies of all W-2’s and 1099’s received for each borrower, covering the most recent 2 years.
  • Personal tax returns for the last 2 years. Please make sure they include ALL pages and supporting schedules.
  • Copies of your most recent Social Security Awards Letter, which discloses your monthly benefit amount for the upcoming calendar year, for each borrower receiving benefits. (This only applies if you are currently receiving social security, it is not your annual summary disclosing prior year’s earnings)
  • Copies of the most recent documentation for any other fixed income sources (pensions, annuities, etc.)


  • All pages of any checking, savings, money market or investment accounts, covering the most recent 60 days period.
  • cleared legible copy (front and back, if available) of the escrow deposit check for your purchase.
  • All pages of any retirement, 401K or IRA accounts for the most recent 60 day period, if applicable.

Patriot Act Requirements:

  • A copy of the driver’s license or passport for all individuals applying for financing (borrower and co-borrowers).


  • A copy of your most recent billing notice for your existing 1st mortgage and 2 mortgage, if applicable.
  • All pages of any divorce paperwork, including marital settlement agreement; bankruptcy papers to include all schedules, notices and discharge of debtors, if applicable.

If You Are Self Employed:

  • Corporate tax returns for the last 2 years. Please make sure they include all pages and schedules, including K-1’s.
  • Signed/dated year to date P & L statement for you business. Previous year end P & L if prior taxes have not been filed.

If You Own Any Other Real Estate:

  • Copies of your most recent property tax bill(s) showing full annual amount, homeowners, insurance declaration (all pages) showing the annual premium, mortgage statement(s) and lease(s), if applicable.
Please let us know if you have any questions.